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Progressive Islam

By Imam Daayiee Abdullah

'Progressive Islam' is a celebration of faith. The book focuses on the Muslim faith's rich liberal ideas, including freedom, opportunity, responsibility, and cooperation. By focusing on China, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, Imam Daayiee Abdullah also presents diverse perspectives on Islam. The book is divided into five sections, including an introduction, a short autobiography of the author, the life of Prophet Muhammad, the Qur'an, and Progressive Islam.


Imam Daayiee Abdullah is a popular imam known for advocating progressive ideals within Islam. Born in 1954 in Michigan, Imam Daayiee grew up in an African American community and was raised in the Christian faith. To this day, Imam Daayiee has fond memories of his childhood, neighborhood, and the people in his life.

He converted to Islam during his college years after being introduced to the faith through friendships while studying in China. What stood out for him was how different it was from the type of Islam he knew back in the United States. 

Later, Imam Daayiee pursued Islamic studies and became a spiritual leader. He first founded the Light of Reform Mosque in Washington, D.C., welcoming the marginalized, including LGBTQ+ Muslims.

He then founded MECCA Institute in 2014. MECCA Institute is an Islamic education institution that promotes scholarly understanding and engagement from the perspective of Progressive Islam.

Progressive Islam

Progressive Islam advocates for modern interpretation of Islamic principles. This is a type of firqa, a doctrinal position or school of thought distinguished from other doctrinal positions. What distinguishes it is a focus on inclusivity, gender equality, social justice, and critical engagement with contemporary issues.

Along with MECCA Institute, organizations like Muslims for Progressive Values in Los Angeles, The Association of British Muslims in London, and The Inner Circle in Cape Town, to name a few, promote progressive interpretations of Islam globally.

Later, Imam Daayiee pursued Islamic studies and became a spiritual leader. He first founded the Light of Reform Mosque in Washington, D.C., welcoming the marginalized, including LGBTQ+ Muslims.

Progressive Islam, therefore, is practiced by a diverse global community, with varying degrees of acceptance and influence across different regions and Muslim communities.

Content in the Book

The book, "Progressive Islam," advocates for inclusive interpretations of Islamic teachings. Imam Daayiee does this by embracing gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and social justice. The book focuses on critical thinking and modern context, challenging traditional norms.

The book presents its main arguments by presenting three distinct Muslim cultures, which are Saudi Arabian, Egyptian, and Chinese. Chinese Islam, for example, is presented in this book as a unique blend of indigenous practices, cultural influences, and adherence to Islamic principles within China's diverse religious communities.

Finally, the book provides a plethora of diverse resources including scholarly articles, books, and online materials to support its progressive interpretations.

How to Buy the Book

"Progressive Islam" is available for purchase online and offline, through various retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores worldwide.

To purchase from a physical bookstore, walk into the bookstore and check the appropriate shelves. Depending on the bookstore, it may be under religion or culture. If under religion, check the Islam section.

If your local bookstore does not carry the book, you will still be able to order through them. To do that, give them either the 10 digit or 13 digit ISBN or book number. The 13 ISBN is most popular, and the number is: 9780578851372. The 10 digit is: 0578851377. 

Purchase to Support

Your purchase of this book will support us in many ways. It will support Imam Daayiee Abdullah, MECCA Institute, and Progressive Islam in general. First of all, it supports Imam Daayiee Abdullah and his advocacy for inclusive interpretations of Islam and social justice causes.

Likewise, your purchase of "Progressive Islam" directly supports MECCA Institute by contributing to the dissemination of progressive Islamic teachings espoused by its leaders. This helps MECCA to create awareness and engagement through the mission of promoting scholarly understanding and critical discourse within the Muslim community and beyond.

Finally, purchasing "Progressive Islam" bolsters resources, visibility, and advocacy efforts within the progressive Muslim community because the book shares the message of inclusivity and social justice initiatives.

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